The Taste Sheriff

The Taste Sheriff

Tips for the best and worst places around the world (+ few in between). Greek tastebuds. Formerly in SF, LA, NY, Boston, Austria, Dubai, Athens.

London, United Kingdom
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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Mexico City
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The Taste Sheriff
4 места обновлены Январь 3, 2020
4 мест(-а) в том числе La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez, Le Bouchon Bordelais, L'embarcadère, Le Noailles
The Taste Sheriff
7 места обновлены Февраль 18, 2020
7 мест(-а) в том числе Arzak, A Fuego Negro, La Viña del Ensanche, Borda Berri
The Taste Sheriff
61 места обновлены Сентябрь 9, 2021
Cafes, bakeries, and brunch spots in London.
The Taste Sheriff
48 места обновлены Ноябрь 13, 2021
48 мест(-а) в том числе Four Sisters City, Three Eight Four, Original Sin, The Zetter Townhouse
The Taste Sheriff
54 места обновлены Май 19, 2021
54 мест(-а) в том числе Heim Cafe, Bairrazza, Fábrica Lisboa, Isco
The Taste Sheriff
29 места обновлены Июнь 16, 2019
29 мест(-а) в том числе Levantis, Mario, Η πεζούλα της λιχουδιάς, Palm Beach Paros
    Недавние подсказки от The Taste Sheriff
    "Cute but very expensive and the owner was yelling at her staff. Food was good. Not sure I’d be back."
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Октябрь 4, 2020
    Ресторан средиземноморской кухни
    · Лондон, Великобритания
    "Awful and overly expensive. We paid 240€ (4 people, 2 drinks each) for food so heavy and soaked in butter that we were feeling sick after. Tastes were average. Rude waiters and a chef not wearing mask"
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Октябрь 4, 2020
    · Афины, Греция
    "Below average food, pretentious people. I will not be coming back."
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Сентябрь 13, 2020
    Французский ресторан
    · Лондон, Великобритания
    "Exquisite pastries! This little café offers all you can ask for: best lunch/brunch options, great coffee, friendly attitudes."
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Сентябрь 13, 2020
    Французский ресторан
    · Лондон, Великобритания
    "Great new all day cafe/restaurant in Halandri. A refreshing addition in a rather boring part of Athens."
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Март 6, 2020
    · Χαλανδρίου, Греция
    "Excellent taverna! Relatively small menu but everything we had was top notch. Their bifteki is amazing and so is the feta in fylo dough with sesame and honey. Definitely worth a visit!"
    The Taste SheriffThe Taste Sheriff · Март 5, 2020
    · Γαλάτσι, Греция