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  • 9.5

    Thai Diner

    Тайский ресторан 186 Mott St Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 40):

    • Asli S.
      Asli S: "Try the Khao Soi Kaa Kai! French toast was unique but underwhelming. Cute outdoor setup with baseboard heaters + heating lamp. ~25 min wait at 12:30 on Sunday for 3ppl (no reservations)."
  • 9.4

    Elizabeth Street Garden

    Сад 209 Elizabeth St Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 38):

    • Fresh
      Fresh: "A small oasis in the centre of the city"
  • 9.2


    Итальянский ресторан 275 Mulberry St Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 7):

    • Noah W.
      Noah Weiss: "Faves: hams and zeppoli, fennel & grapefruit, clam toast, tortellini, pasta in pink clam sauce, duck, and “affogato” decomposed dessert. Perfect martini was perfect. Good vibes, almost over the top."
  • 9.2

    Rubirosa Ristorante

    Итальянский ресторан 235 Mulberry St Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 843):

    • Svetlana K.
      Svetlana Kuchaeva: "Невероятно вкусная черно-белая паста с морепродуктами! Не везде в Италии можно такую попробовать! Не хотелось доедать!"
  • 9.3

    Stick With Me

    Магазин шоколада 202 Mott St Frnt A Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 37):

    • Brandon F.
      Brandon F.: "New York, New York (left): Chocolate covered pretzel surrounded in a praline peanut butter. Kalamansi Meringue Pie (right): Meringue on top, a Kalamansi custard middle and a pie crust on the bottom."
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 18):

    • Mike S.
      Mike Singleton: "Love this shop, right around the corner from its sister bookstore. I'd buy roughly 50% of the art in this place if I could."

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  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 135):

    • Noah W.
      Noah Weiss: "The best salad in Soho that won't cost you $20. Ignore the organic propaganda, just focus on how good it tastes. Guacamole greens, kale caesar, and whatever the monthly special is are great."
    • I
      I: "The Rad Thai was the raddest salad I've had in my life. I'm probably going to come back for it everyday. Such a good flavour profile and the cashew dressing has a nice kick!"
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 16):

    • Luis M.
      Luis Mendoza: "Everything! Get it all. As much as you can. It’s the most colorful bowl full of goodness I’ve had in a long time. Absolutely delicious. Can’t go wrong with anything."
    • Michael G.
      Michael G.: "The opening of CAVA was one of the best things to happen to Nolita. Delicious, healthy, and affordable."
  • 8.9


    Товары для активного отдыха 303 Lafayette St Нью-Йорк, NY

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 97):

    • Gregory F.
      Gregory Fisher: "They have great, knowledgeable people working here, and others too, so be sure to ask the right person for help...if they don’t make statements like “I’d trust my life with this...” then try again."
    • Sally C.
      Sally Chen: "I love REI! Wax for $20 (if you're a member) and done in 24-48 hrs! So hurry up & be part of the co-op. LOVE their own REI brand products (cheaper and well made). Let's not forget the helpful staff."

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