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  • 9.0

    Intelligentsia Coffee

    Кофейня 53 E Randolph St Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 316):

    • inspector c.
      inspector clouseau: "Очень круто. Очень уважительно по отношению к кофе и чаю. Бариста очень интеллегентные :) Большой выбор чего купить с собой"
  • 9.0

    Game Room

    Бар 12 S Michigan Ave Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 33):

    • Heather B.
      Heather Bell: "A hidden gem! There isn't a sign with the name. Inside is amazing. It's huge. It looks like a hogwarts style bar. With games. Bocce was awesome but a long wait. Fish tacos were on point. 😋"
  • 9.3

    Northman Beer & Cider Garden

    Пивной сад 233 E Riverwalk Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 5):

    • Zack S.
      Zack Sheppard: "Very good beer choices in a lovely spot for summer sipping"
  • 8.9

    Garrett Popcorn Shops

    Закусочная 27 W Jackson Blvd Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 44):

    • Andrew C.
      Andrew C: "Like any of them... greasy and messy, but addictive popcorn - caramel or cheese or butter!!!! They often have deals on souvenir container (for summer 2018, the deal is buy 1 get 1 free)!"
  • 9.5

    Chicago Riverwalk

    Набережная Chicago River Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 139):

    • Chris D.
      Chris Duhaime: "The restaurants along the riverwalk in the summer are the best! I also love the very simple water feature with playful fountains."
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 45):

    • inspector c.
      inspector clouseau: "Это лучший мой завтрак в Чикаго. Самое странное и самое загадочное место с вкусными завтраками."

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  • 9.1

    Cadillac Palace Theatre

    Театр 151 W Randolph St Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 66):

    • Lydia J.
      Lydia Jones: "This is an old theater that is beautiful inside and well maintained. However, seat spacing is very tight for those who are above average in height or weight. This is especially true in the balcony. Bu"
    • Lucille F.
      Lucille Fisher: "Just saw Beautiful, Carol King play. Excellent and the theatre is beautiful, intimate & with a excellent acoustics."
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 4):

    • Raveese G.
      Raveese Gladney: "Broadway in Chicago is the best!! All great shows that premier in New York comes to perform at this venue. I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of shows this year."
    • Mallory
      Mallory: "the cool part of town"
  • 9.1

    Auditorium Theatre

    Театр 50 E Congress Pkwy Чикаго, IL

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 70):

    • Patricia A.
      Patricia Andrews-Keenan: "One of the most beautiful theaters in the city, take time to learn abbot about its 125 year history. Seeing Alvin Ailey there is always a treat."
    • Ganula B.
      Ganula Borgilchuluun: "The great venue with spectacular interiors, tons of international and local famous ballet companies perform their best at this theatre. All around the year, you are able to see a great performances."

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