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Joachim Ooi


Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia
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Kuala Lumpur
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Petaling Jaya
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George Town
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Shah Alam
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Bukit Mertajam
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Joachim Ooi
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Joachim Ooi
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    Недавние подсказки от Joachim
    "Red Tom Yam in Coconut, Deep Fried Crispy Egg, Stir Fried Pucuk Paku, Steamed Fish with Lemon & Chilli, & Red Curry Pork are the recommended ones. A place you would revisit. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Май 29
    Тайский ресторан
    · Куала-Лумпур, Малайзия
    "Side dishes are tasty, Chicken 65 is better than Varuval. Mutton Varuval would be a better pick. Generous with the Papadom refill. Fish & chicken curry on the thicker side. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Май 16
    Индийская кухня
    · Kuala Lumpur, Малайзия
    "Prefer Cendol over ABC here. Gula Melaka and Santan were on point. I find this nicer than Kwong Wah and possibly my go-to Cendol place in Klang Valley. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Май 8
    · Петалинг-Джая, Малайзия
    "Nice Pho and Bun Cha. Local flavours to it. Super slow service, will come back to try their Banh Mi during weekdays. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Май 8
    Вьетнамский ресторан
    · Петалинг-Джая, Малайзия
    "The soup BKT here is the highlight. If you do take pork innards, go for the Pork Intestine. Dry version I find it just so-so. Might want to try the Assam & other menu. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Март 6
    Китайский ресторан
    · Шах-Алам, Малайзия
    "Average food quality with average price. Don’t expect much, just come with low expectations. Choc Ice Cream was nice though. -Penang Kia Food Critique-"
    Joachim OoiJoachim Ooi · Февраль 4
    · Butterworth, Малайзия