Reykjavik City!
Grillmarkaðurinn is one of Reykjavik City!.

1. Grillmarkaðurinn

Lækjargata 2a, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Стейк-хаус · Miðbær · Подсказок и отзывов: 172

Gunnar H.Gunnar Holmsteinn: Locally grown meat, straight from our farmers. The Icelandic Lamb is out of this world, you can taste the blueberries and arctic thyme that they eat during their outdoor life in the wilderness.

Vegamót restaurant & bar is one of Reykjavik City!.

2. Vegamót restaurant & bar

Vegamótastígur 4, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Бар · Miðborg · Подсказок и отзывов: 62

Gunnar H.Gunnar Holmsteinn: Even though they have a great atmosphere, delicious food and cool parties, people really just go there because of hot Icelandic women.

B5 is one of Reykjavik City!.

3. B5

Bankastræti 5, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Коктейль-бар · Miðborg · Подсказок и отзывов: 16

Gunnar H.Gunnar Holmsteinn: Great burgers during the day. Great dance floor during the night. Greater burgers during the day after.

Fiskmarkaðurinn | Fish Market is one of Reykjavik City!.

4. Fiskmarkaðurinn | Fish Market

Aðalstræti 12, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Ресторан морепродуктов · Miðbær · Подсказок и отзывов: 146

Gunnar H.Gunnar Holmsteinn: The Fish Market has the mandatory Tasting Menu form Iceland's top chef Hrefna Sætran. Foreigners need to show a Proof-of-Purchase to be able to leave the country.

The Laundromat Café is one of Reykjavik City!.

5. The Laundromat Café

Austurstræti 9, Miðbær, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Кафе · Подсказок и отзывов: 216
Аустурвёллур is one of Reykjavik City!.

6. Аустурвёллур

Pósthússtræti (Kirkjustræti), Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Площадь · Miðbær · Подсказок и отзывов: 12
Kaffibarinn is one of Reykjavik City!.

7. Kaffibarinn

Bergstaðastræði 1 (Laugavegur), Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Бар · Miðborg · Подсказок и отзывов: 84

Gunnar H.Gunnar Holmsteinn: We checked all the bars in 101, the cheapest glass of wine is here, at 800isk

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is one of Reykjavik City!.

8. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Tryggvagata 1 (Pósthússtræti), Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Закусочная с хот-догами · Miðbær · Подсказок и отзывов: 215

Herbert M.Herbert Mckenzie: Iceland most favorite fast food !!

Sundhöll Reykjavíkur is one of Reykjavik City!.

9. Sundhöll Reykjavíkur

Bergþórugata, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Бассейн · Miðborg · Подсказок и отзывов: 26

Finnur M.Finnur Magnusson: Go swiming. Icelandic pools are more like spas filled have clean warm water. Enjoy showering naked with same sex Icelanders.

Sushi Social is one of Reykjavik City!.

10. Sushi Social

Þingholtsstæti 5, Рейкьявик, Höfuðborgarsvæði
Суши-бар · Miðborg · Подсказок и отзывов: 46