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Brooklyn, NY
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New York
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yung duchess
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    "LOVE Torre. Had a problem with card charges that they fixed so quickly - very accommodating, kind and attentive staff. Everyone's nice and all of the food is amazing. Can't go wrong here."
    yung duchessyung duchess · Апрель 21, 2017
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Center Valley, США
    "So sweet and AMAZING food. They say us really late and still gave us full service and gave us free leftover pastries! They couldn't have been nicer/tastier. Great service/food/VIBES. Also cute place."
    yung duchessyung duchess · Март 7, 2017
    · Montclair, США
    "Terrible customer service. Charged my card 3 times??? even after I asked "is that charging me?" And they said "no, don't worry." An $11 bill turned to $40. Told me to call next day and now no answer."
    yung duchessyung duchess · Июль 17, 2016
    · Западный Голливуд, США