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an NYC girl in SF. product marketing @instagram, formerly marketing @foursquare. cat mom to @valcatnyc, @NYUGallatin alumna, and Bay Area n00b.

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New York
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San Francisco
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Bar Harbor
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Ann Arbor
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Nina Yiamsamatha
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Nina Yiamsamatha
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My and Mike's favorite places from our trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Naoshima/Teshima.
Nina Yiamsamatha
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Our favorite experiences from a fun and restful getaway in Sebastopol and Sonoma. Can't wait to go back and add more to this list!
Nina Yiamsamatha
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Nina Yiamsamatha
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Our absolute favorite things we did while in Copenhagen. Includes tips for drinking (Mikkeller all the way), shopping (all the design shops), and an incredibly peaceful day trip outside of the city.
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    "Chili boneless chicken was both delicious and healthy. Wash it down with an iced cappuccino served in a crystal glass."
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Май 2, 2019
    · Сингапур
    "Fresh and delicious. Their lunch specials are super affordable and come with a miso soup and side kale salad!"
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Февраль 16, 2019
    · Сан-Франциско, США
    "Muffins and cinnamon rolls. Good coffee. Everything you need!"
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Июль 7, 2018
    · Indian Shores, США
    "Adorable shop with locally made souvenirs and snacks. Bring home products inspired by what Teshima is known for: strawberries, olives, lemons, and oranges."
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Январь 2, 2018
    Сувенирная лавка
    · Япония
    "Delicious lunch sets at this cute restaurant/shop!"
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Январь 1, 2018
    · 直島町, Япония
    "Stay in a yurt on the beach at Tsutsuji-so. Super affordable (no private bathrooms) and romantic to hear the waves all night. Staff is very friendly and you're right by Kusama's Yellow Pumpkin!"
    Nina YiamsamathaNina Yiamsamatha · Январь 1, 2018
    Палаточный/летний лагерь
    · 直島町, Япония