Alexandra McKirkzz

Alexandra McKirkzz

Whoville, USA
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San Diego
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La Jolla
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Beech Grove
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Alexandra McKirkzz
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Alexandra McKirkzz
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    Недавние подсказки от Alexandra
    "The ABSN Center is on the Fifth Floor. You must enter your destination for the elevators and it tells you the bay to go to"
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Февраль 3, 2020
    · Атланта, США
    "wide selection of books and a variety of gift items and knick knacks! I encourage anyone with a spare moment to stop in, perhaps just before an order of the famous shrimp cocktail of Harry and Izzy's?"
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Сентябрь 18, 2019
    Книжный магазин
    · Индианаполис, США
    "So much fun every time!"
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Июнь 1, 2019
    Квестовая комната
    · Fishers, США
    "Such a great time! Good people with great dogs. Perfect playtime to take our puppers to when we get off of work!"
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Январь 29, 2019
    Место для выгула собак
    · Индианаполис, США
    "Great patios and townhomes! Don’t leave food outside or in cars or you may find a real life Yogi Bear 🐻 encounter..."
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Июнь 21, 2018
    · Estes Park, США
    "Worst McDonald's I've ever been to. Over ten minutes while the only car in drive through, burgers were all cold. Happy meal didn't come in a box or with a toy"
    Alexandra McKirkzzAlexandra McKirkzz · Июнь 25, 2017
    · Элкхарт, США