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Follow us to know where we're hanging out, and if you're around then give us a shout. We'd love to meet you. Also, discover our Tips as you're out exploring! About us: We're creating unique, regionally relevant and trusted content in Egypt since 2001 while helping brands to reach targeted audiences on both the web and mobile.

Cairo, Egypt
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"Meet us on 27th & 28th of May, 2012 at Al-Saraya Hall, Level (-4), during the "Egyptian Marketing Summit" conference with Philip Kotler. Details about the event's agenda: http://bit.ly/ItzZTj"
SarmadySarmady · Май 21, 2012
· Гелиополь, Египет
"Great place for business meetings. And it is close to our office! Loved the soft bread brought with the hummus salad. There is free Wi-Fi."
SarmadySarmady · Май 20, 2012
Ресторан ближневосточной кухни
· Каир, Египет
"Take a tour of the office & see Cairo from another point of view: a 360 degree image that goes all the way to the pyramids of Giza, the Citadel, down-town landmarks, the Nile Towers, El Warak & Bolak!"
SarmadySarmady · Апрель 2, 2012
· Гиза, Египет