Sticky's Finger Joint

Sticky's Finger Joint

Жареные цыплята$$$$
Greenwich Village, Нью-Йорк
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  • Sajid M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Sajid MehmoodНоябрь 22, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Top 3, in order of Deliciousness: Bada Bing, Salted Caramel, Buffalo Balsamic Maple. And don't forget to go splitty-splitty on a side of Truffle Fries.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissАвгуст 6, 2012
    Calling these chicken fingers is almost offensive. They're the best I've ever had. $17 for 5 is a steal to split between two people. Salted caramel is required. Also, truffle fries.
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupАпрель 8, 2014
    These spot serves up some of the most unique and delicious chicken fingers we've ever tasted. Don't be turned off by the Salted Caramel Pretzel flavor - they're easily our favorite.
  • Staff Picks
    Staff PicksИюль 2, 2014
    Sticky's Finger Joint has expanded to Murray Hill, where they are serving s'mores fries. Topped with marshmallow & chocolate sauce using Dominique Ansel's powder, you need to try these, now! \nПодробнее
  • Bradley K.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Bradley KayМарт 20, 2017
    For when you DGAF and just want some delicious fried food. Super-crispy fries hold up to cheese sauce beautifully. Recommend the Cray (Peruvian hot sauce) and General Tso sauces.
  • Samantha K.
    Samantha KantorСентябрь 12, 2013
    Absolutely obsessed. Soooo delicious. I ate 5 fingers on my own and honey they are BIG. Great sauces, good prices. A perfect hungover fried food spot. Try the Japanese finger (wasabi and roe)!!
  • emma t.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    emma tangorenАвгуст 8, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    best chicken fingers in the world (yes, really.) can't go wrong with anything, but salted caramel are my favorite. fries are underrated- be sure to get them.
  • Bonnie F.
    Bonnie FahyМай 21, 2015
    On the left: bada bing was amazing!!! Buffalo balsamic maple lower right was nothing special and the salted caramel on the top right was just fine.
  • Sweta M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Sweta MohapatraНоябрь 21, 2014
    The Salted Caramel is delicious. Believe me, I was skeptical too but it is phenomenal! Also, the portion sizes are very big, which is why you have to buy by the piece
  • Larry M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Larry MakНоябрь 22, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    A good Saturday afternoon -- get Bada Bing! with Sticky's sauce to go with your favorite drink, walk to Washington Square Park, and enjoy the moment in New York when time cease to matter.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsМарт 14, 2013
    The Salted Caramel Pretzel chicken fingers sound gross but taste awesome. Other favorites are the classic fingers and the buffalo. Stick with fries, not fried green beans.
  • Matt H.
    Matt HealyАвгуст 27, 2012
    Standouts were the bada bing (w/ tomato aoili) and the deep fried green beans. Salted caramel was good but a little hard to wrap our heads around as we are new to the idea of dessert chicken
  • Daniel H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Daniel HakimiИюль 2, 2015
    The classic fingers are perfect. Actually perfect. Sticky's sauce is great. So are the Fries, the Bada Bing, and the Salted Caramel. Go there. Go soon.
  • 7th.List
    7th.ListМарт 28, 2012
    This Greenwich Village spot, which specializes in chicken fingers (choose from fried, grilled or oven-baked varieties). Sides include purple sweet potato fries and quinoa-crusted green bean fries. \nПодробнее
  • Alp O.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Alp OzcelikМай 15, 2014
    BEST chicken fingers. Just get them plain and try the dipping sauces! (Sweet chili and ranch are my faves.) also, banging truffle fries! Yum yum!
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYUФевраль 14, 2013
    Gotta love this small, narrow, gourmet joint. Not too hot, not too greasy, and just crunchy enough. Try the General Tso's, spicy mango sauce, and original Sticky's sauce.
  • CrisyFrankзначок сердца на изображении пользователя
    CrisyFrankМарт 15, 2018
    Los dedos de pollo aparte de estar deliciosos son enormes! Y la variedad de salsas es increíble, nuestras favoritas fueron la Chipotle y la Honey.
  • PureWow
    PureWowАвгуст 4, 2016
    Ever since we were ten years old, we’ve been dreaming of a classy chicken finger restaurant to call our own. And then there’s the s’mores fries... \nПодробнее
  • Lee H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Lee HoffmanИюль 13, 2012
    Amazing, the salted caramel is awesome as are the truffle fries. Also the staff is super friendly. Love this place - especially after a long visit to the gym.
  • Jae K.
    Jae KimЯнварь 11, 2014
    Amazing chicken fingers. Salt & vinegar fries, vampire sauce and wasabi aioli are all dope.
  • Regis Z.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Regis ZАвгуст 14, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 25+
    I could go on and on about this place. I call it the "Artichoke" of chicken fingers. Must go. Try the fiesta and bada bing. Truffle Fries a must!
  • Marcela C.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Marcela CabreraМарт 10, 2017
    These are not chicken fingers they are chicken breast.So delicious and at a reasonable price. Truffle fries are a must
  • Joanna F.
    Joanna FlammАвгуст 26, 2012
    Liked the Badda Bing (chicken parm) and Fiesta (nacho flavor), definitely get the green bean fries. Would be great drunk food; just don't forget the Tums.
  • Liana L.
    Liana LauАпрель 16, 2013
    3 chicken tenders + fries = totally enough. And delicious. Bada bing or caramel are both good choices
  • Kimmie O.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Kimmie OhhИюль 4, 2020
    Plenty of flavors of chicken fingers & plenty of sauces! They have a lot of variations of fries, including s’mores.
  • Pramod P.
    Pramod PaiМай 7, 2015
    Must try “Classic General Tso” – sticky, sweet and a tint spicy, it’s coated with honey soy and sesame oil blend.
  • Melanie W.
    Melanie W.Август 30, 2014
    Sold individually or as a set of three so you can try more flavors. I like General Tso's and the Bada Bing.
  • Krissan P.
    Krissan PattugalanНоябрь 3, 2017
    Amazing panini for a really good price. Speck is amazing and the Mac and cheese one is delicious.
  • Desiree G.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Desiree GСентябрь 7, 2013
    Honestly the salted caramel chicken finger are from heaven. They sound awkward but it truly is delicious and tasteful
  • Kevin L.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Kevin LukОктябрь 1, 2012
    $10 for 3 of the best chicken fingers ever, a slaw, and a healthy helping of green bean fries? Might as well be in heaven.
  • Lenny G.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Lenny GalloЯнварь 31, 2015
    Worth checking out. Skip the traditional sauces and try their "sticky sauce" and "Mac-and-cheese jalapeño."
  • Kate F.
    Kate FurmanМай 19, 2015
    Naked fingers are boring. If you're gonna get chicken fingers, splurge for the fried kinds and dip it into creamy sauces.
  • Sumeet S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Sumeet ShahАпрель 9, 2013
    Paul (the owner and the epitome of the awesome bro) serves up some of the most unique and delicious chicken fingers. Mexican Coke here too. Also, he tends to give out free shots, so enjoy!
  • ᴡ F.
    ᴡ FleysherМарт 21, 2012
    This place is going to be awesome! Try the southern fried fingers with ranch and the lemon lime candy rind. Also pineapple slaw. Yum!
  • Nina Y.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Nina YiamsamathaИюль 2, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Their spin on classic buffalo chicken fingers = so freaking good. Did someone say aged balsamic vinegar and maple syrup? Delicious.
  • Monica S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Monica SНоябрь 3, 2013
    Best of both worlds...chicken fingers and wings all in one! The buffalo, fiesta and caramel were our favorites.
  • Chevar F.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Chevar FrancisИюнь 23, 2013
    I'm about to try the buffalo balsamic maple sticky finger, so far everything I had has been great
  • Luka K.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Luka KladaricНоябрь 22, 2014
    out of this world. just insanely good chicken fingers. don't even think of asking how they compare to chick-fil-a or kfc.
  • Toi F.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Toi FreemanФевраль 3, 2018
    The Chicken is moist not at all greasy. Get the large order of fires. Try all the sauces.
  • Summer
    SummerАпрель 23, 2014
    very interesting place. cool vibe, a little too much over seasoning on everything. mediocre wings, the sauces are weird flavors, if you do go get the chicken poppers and choose the sides instead.
  • PureWow
    PureWowМай 2, 2017
    Our arteries may hate us for this, but we can’t stay away from Sticky’s gut-busting Bacon Mac Fries: a trifecta of guilty pleasures if ever there was one. \nПодробнее
  • G Scott
    G ScottМарт 21, 2012
    Wasabi ginger fingers are super flavorful, but fare warning - they're spicy! Wipe excess sauce off for perfect flavor/spicy balance.
  • Sam B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Sam BrownАпрель 29, 2013
    Looking for a little something extra to dunk your finger in? You'd be remiss to not try the Cray Sauce! Tomatillo, jalapeño, pineapple salsa... (that sauce cray)!
  • Josh M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Josh MateoАпрель 11, 2015
    Super friendly staff! Ask for a recommendation or try a variety of fingers.
  • Shantanu J.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Shantanu JoshiОктябрь 23, 2014
    Wasabi finger was spectacular. You haven't had good fingers until you've had sticky's.
  • Chris B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Chris BurkeСентябрь 17, 2014
    Hands down the best chicken fingers I've ever had. Fries are also delicious
  • Larry M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Larry MakСентябрь 8, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    If you want to pretend to be healthy, get the naked chicken fingers with salad. It still tastes so good.
  • Evgenii N.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Evgenii NikitinНоябрь 13, 2016
    Buffalo balsamic Blue cheese chicken fingers is one of the best things that ever happened to me
  • Lauren M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Lauren MyerЯнварь 21, 2013
    Amazing gourmet chicken fingers. Must get the salted Carmel
  • Frank D.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Frank DenbowМай 21, 2013
    Buffalo, Bada bing, and Caramel fingers are great. Truffle fries too!
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